Josh Santana

Josh Santana


Josemar Rufino Santana was born and raised in one of the largest and most important cities on the northeast coast of Brazil: Recife.

Josh was eager to learn and determined to master the skilss and all the ins and outs of the fashion world. Because he knew he has a talent. At the age of 16, he was full of ideas. To realise these ideas, he needed sponsors. With perseverance he started his search for sponsors. This search was finally rewarded and one year later he succesfully put on his first fashion event.

But he wanted more. He was willing to create opportunities in Europe. Through Spain, Germany and Belgium, he ended up in the Netherlands. Since 2007 he found his home with his partner in Valkenswaard.

Josh Santana is a multi-talent with a mission. As a modelscout he shaped models and teached them about styling, catwalking, performance, fotoshooting. As a stylist/eventplanner and fashionist he created a wide range of creative productions as fashionshows, annual modelcontests and other events. On top of that, he also published his own Glossy Magazine ByJosh.

After sharing his knowledge with others to help them to make a career, the time was there to present his own new collection. Another dream will come true.

Natureza Brasileira ByJosh:

Each design has a story to tell. A story about love and passion by its creator and definitely inspired by Brazilian’s nature. Brazil has one of the world’s richest diversities of natural environments and animal and plant species. The collection will take you on a colourful journey to discover the wonders of Brazil.

In 2015 designer Josh Santana proudly introduced his first collection from his label Natureza Brasileira ByJosh SS2016

In 2016 Josh Santana surprised us with a wonderful prêt-à-porter collection SS2017 #Glamour Natureza Brasileira ByJosh. The première of the presentation has taken place at Salonè della Moda, exclusive 3-days Fashionshow in Rotterdam (NL).

NEW: The Classic Collection SS2018

Thanks to this theme, the ultimate BEACHGLAM feeling comes together with influences from Brazilian nature. Unique fabrics is specially chosen by Josh for this unique collection. The collection is completed with matching accessories,

The classic creation is no longer only the outfit!

“My desire is to tell a story, show an emotion, a way of life. In this way, people no longer purchase a piece of clothing but a memory, a love, a special moment, a DNA of Natureza Brasileira ByJosh. This DNA is the nature of Brazil and all the symbols that represent it.”

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